Sets the specular color for lights.


Sets the specular color for lights. Like Py5Graphics.fill(), it affects only the elements which are created after it in the code. Specular refers to light which bounces off a surface in a preferred direction (rather than bouncing in all directions like a diffuse light) and is used for creating highlights. The specular quality of a light interacts with the specular material qualities set through the Py5Graphics.specular() and Py5Graphics.shininess() functions.

This method is the same as light_specular() but linked to a Py5Graphics object. To see example code for how it can be used, see light_specular().

Underlying Processing method: PGraphics.lightSpecular


light_specular(v1: float, v2: float, v3: float, /) -> None


  • v1: float - red or hue value (depending on current color mode)

  • v2: float - green or saturation value (depending on current color mode)

  • v3: float - blue or brightness value (depending on current color mode)

Updated on November 12, 2021 11:30:58am UTC