Create a collection of bezier vertices.


Create a collection of bezier vertices. The purpose of this method is to provide an alternative to repeatedly calling Py5Graphics.bezier_vertex() in a loop. For a large number of bezier vertices, the performance of bezier_vertices() will be much faster.

The coordinates parameter should be a numpy array with one row for each bezier vertex. The first few columns are for the first control point, the next few columns are for the second control point, and the final few columns are for the anchor point. There should be six or nine columns for 2D or 3D points, respectively.

This method is the same as bezier_vertices() but linked to a Py5Graphics object. To see example code for how it can be used, see bezier_vertices().

Underlying Java method: PGraphics.bezierVertices


bezier_vertices(coordinates: NDArray[(Any, Any), Float], /) -> None


  • coordinates: NDArray[(Any, Any), Float] - array of bezier vertex coordinates

Updated on September 11, 2021 16:51:34pm UTC